Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I have to say it...

It was crazier than I expected. I drove in it for a bit, literally dodging falling branches from trees. Then we lost electricity at my apartment from 8pm Saturday until sometime early evening Monday. I had been making some samples of photo-settings for ceramic jewelry, and then the after the lights went out, candle light was not enough for my perfectionist eyes. I did get a few variations completed though, so all was not lost.
I did get a few pictures from my window with my tilansdia and the snow falling in the background, maybe I'll upload them to help document the weekend.

We also took a good amount of pictures at my Grandparent's 50th anniversary party. Now, my job is to edit them and organize them in a photo book, and order the book from a decent online provider. Being the photographer of the family means "working" at every gathering. I felt like I was doing a wedding photo shoot....but I'm glad I'll be the key orchestrator in creating this memory book for my family. I'm sure it will be something to cherish in years to come.
Andddd, I can add this as another service offered to my website :)