Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I have had two opportunities to photograph people so far this month. I did a type of environmental portraiture/pet photo shoot with my friend Alyss and her horses. And I had an engagement session with a couple at the same location where I will photograph their wedding in September.
I haven't photographed people in awhile, so it has been very refreshing to get back into it. I'm currently away from my main computer, but I will post some samples of the two shoots soon!

And, as always, you can view those images and many more on my website:

In other news, it's midterms week. So I'm very busy. Lesson plans (for elementary, middle and high school!), artist presentations (presenting myself), papers, papers, creating assessments, arts and crafts projects......stressful and tiring. But, once it's all finished I (hope) I'll feel very accomplished.

You can also see sample lesson plans, full lesson plans...anything art ed. related, on my other blog:

(I have both sites linked over my sidebar always!)

And now, for optical stimulation, I'll post some various images of "inspiration" I've been loving on the internet

Billy Buttons! I love these flowers and want them everywhere I go!

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