Friday, October 28, 2011

An Update of This Week.

Busy week.
A lot has happened.

I won 3rd place in a juried show at Kutztown University titled: Peace, Love and Kutztown. This was nice for me, and I'll get a small gift certificate useable at the different vendors at school.
This is the photograph (yep, I've posted it before):

Fields and Wires 1

I taught my first lesson at LN Elementary school. It went really well, and my cooperating teacher was very enthusiastic about the results. Little moments of success in the classroom help me to feel that I am headed in the right direction, which is important for me. Of course there are things that need improvement, but when is there nothing that can be improved??
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 I have become obsessed with Pinterest....

I'm beginning a new photography project based on portraits. I'm nervous and excited about this. I think I want to use dramatic studio lighting... so that means I need to cart around dramatic studio lights. Always annoying.. but usually worth it :) If anyone is interested in modeling/sitting for portraits, do let me know!
I'm also doing a lot of work in ceramics. I'm becoming addicted to making coffee mugs... at least they will be perfect Christmas gifts.

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